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. >> at the white house, with president obama called other heads of state and the aides met for two hours in the situation room, u.s. policy emerged more clearly, centered on individual and multilateral sanctions. weapons embargo and asset freezes. at the same time, secretary of state clinton ordered suspension of all operations at the u.s. embassy in tri poe lie and 19 officers in the building with spirited out of the country on chartered flight to istanbul. a top aide explained what triggered the decision. >> chaos in the street, gunfire begin. >> they have lost control over swath of the country in the east where the opposition figures are forming the ad hoc committee to restore law and order signaled most oil contracts will be upheld. the obama administration made clear the u.s. has yet to open up its own dialogue with the libyan rebels who may run the country. >> i'm not aware of the discussions that we may be having with different folks in libya. >> we have had discussions with other leaders who have been in touch with opposition figures. >> the u.n. human rights council voted to con
own people . president obama signals a willingness to give a little on health care and wisconsin's governor said it is time for a budget deal or lay offs. live from our studio in washington, this is a special report. good evening i am bret baier. as libya leader qaddafi defies ordering air strikes. we have new reports was fighting in streets of lib yampt they are trying to expand control of the country. president and un ambassador seemed to kick american diplomacy to apply more pressure to qaddafi as the violence escalated. the libyan leader laughed off a interview about stepping down. amateur video and date and location unknown and depicted continued fighting in libya streets in eastern towns site of a fierce battle for control of the airport won by the rebels. protestors can see seen. the qaddafi regime bombed the rebel. forces could be seen massing and moammar qaddafi maintained a tight grip. >> police demand more from the dictators son. >> support and arms are on the way and everything is fine. we are going to be victorous. >> in geneva secretary clinton announced a plan to a
regime, hundreds have violently died. president obama says it must end. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters. >> the key parts of the country slipping out of government control, thousands flee. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, hundreds still missing, the search efforts continue following new zealand's powerful earthquakes. >>> the crisis in libya is becoming increasingly volatile. that are reports up to 600 dead and the army being used against its own people. chaos on libya's borders with thousands of fleeing the feared bloodbath. president obama described the violence as outrageous. he said his administration was looking at a full range of options for dealing with the crisis. >> we strongly condemn the use of violence in libya. the american people send our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all who have been killed and injured. the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot pea
obama has condemned the violence used by security forces in bahrain. in a telephone call, mr. obama warns the stability of the gulf state depended on meaningful political reform. at least 50 protesters were wounded when security forces opened fire on demonstrators. this time as they're trying to occupy pearl square. the u.s. and u.k. warrant their nationals against travel to bahrain. >> bahrain is in crisis. protesters tried to march to the center center -- march to the city center again. this was the response. the police and army are using tear gas and bullets. on the day they buried their dead, there was more bloodshed on the streets. dozens were wounded. some were critically wounded. >> they calls for restraint from britain and the others have fallen on deaf ears. the violence in the small gulf state is far from over. >> she has lost a son. he was buried today. one of six protesters to die this week. he was shot by the police. he was killed for a cause of rooted in this country's division. >> people want to stop discrimination. people want to stop the systematic torture going on
americans are stuck. it is unlikely they will be libya until tomorrow. president obama is speaking out against violence. the u.s. is looking at a number of options to respond. >> the courts in libya are conflicting. some show peaceful streets and other show brutal crackdown. >> they opened fire on us. we saw that with our own eyes. the government did not hear that we were foreigners. god forgive them for what they did to us. >> nearly 1000 people have died since violence erupted earlier this month. muammar gadaffi is reportedly hiding in tripoli in making grave threat. >> whoever cooperate with foreign countries, the punishment will be execution. >> hundred assistants -- president obama is speaking out against the violence. quite the bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot these protesters. >> gadaffi is doweling vengeance on opponents. -- is still vowing to vengeance on opponents. abc 7 news. >>> thank you. hopes of finding more survivors after the powerful earthquake that hit new zealand are fading. the death toll now stands at 98. more than 200 p
until we die. >> u.s. president barack obama has been talking to british prime minister david cameron. they have agreed to coordinate all possible measures. obama has also spoken to the french president, nicolas sarkozy and the italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi about the international response. on friday, the u.n. human rights council will meet in geneva to discuss the crisis. the united states wants libya thrown out of the council. >> we support expelling libya from the human rights council. the libyan government has violated the rights of its people. taking this step continues the increased isolation that the libyan government is facing. >> at tripoli airport, scores of people try to get a ticket out of libya. thousands have already managed to leave. these evacuees flown to italy by military plane. >> quite an interesting area to be in. >> a day of mass protest is planned in libya on friday, with continued pressure on colonel gaddafi to step down, it is difficult to see how he can stay on as leader of this troubled country. >> my league is leading our demoverple cairo. hello
. >> the obama administration decides not to defend the defense of marriage act. >> the president's position has been consistent. he has opposed it as unnecessary and unfair. >> meet the next mayor of chicago. >> thank you, chicago, for this humbling victory. all i can say, you sure know how to make a guy feel at home. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a couple of thoughts as we begin in today's discussion. number one, elections have consequences, and two, it is no longer your father's labor movement. last fall, elections but republicans and eight governor's offices and majorities in statehouses across the midwest. union members are feeling the consequences of those elections. in wisconsin, gov. scott walker has come up with a plan that would strip collective bargaining rights for most public workers. here is a tea party member. >> personally, i don't believe in unions. they will be the death of this country, and i am tired of paying their benefits. >> imagine what the country would be like without any unions. corporate america would rule this country. the work
as prisons, is still open despite the obama pledges. but have conditions improved? first, the leading egyptian opposition figure has been talking with christian freezer. he says that no one really knows who is running the country. >> the purpose of the demonstration is obvious, that we have not seen any of the demands of the peaceful revolution that took place a couple of weeks ago with millions of people in the streets being implemented. all that we see is, first, military bulletin's every two days saying that this is what will happen. next week, this is what will happen. then the week after. but what is the road path? how will we do this transition? that is crucial to the future. nobody knows. >> has the army come to talk to you about what they will do? >> absolutely not that is what makes everybody apprehensive. they have not talked with anybody. they have not talked to mr. >> , mr. why, in mr. izzy. -- mr. x, mr. y, and mr. z. the demands go to the heart of every egyptian. we have a radical shift from 30 years under mubarak into a democracy and social justice. i do not think they
, but how far would and could the obama administration go to prevent a full fledged massacre? >>> and a powerful earthquake leaves one of new zealand's largest cities in ruins. dozens are dead, and more may be trapped under crumbled buildings and chunks of concrete. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we fin with a very, very real danger that anti-government protesters in libya could be slaughtered in huge numbers. the strong man moammar gadhafi making it clear today that he won't go down without a fight. eight days into the demonstrations against gadhafi's regime, at least one person in the libyan capital is reported hearing bullets are being fired non-stop. this is the picture gadhafi wants the world to see. we're told libyans were dragged into the street and even offered money to show their support though for gadhafi. and in a rambling speech today, the libyan leader rejected demands that he step down, and he warned that his opponents would pay with their lives. >> translator: whoever cooperate with foreign countries in order to initiate war against libya
and spiking oil prices. we'll get the latest from richard engel in libya. and what's behind the obama administration's decision not to enforce the doma act. and finally, rumsfeld versus jon stewart last night. >> i think i know why you're here. and let me deflate the tension right off the bat. apology accepted. >> good for jon stewart. it's in "the side show" but there's nothing funny about it. >>> gentlemen, it's great to have you on. this is one of the most interesting political fights that have come along in a long time. you have republican governors in state where is they dominate their legislatures, pennsylvania, ohio, indiana, michigan and wisconsin. they own those states politically. they're using this unique ability of power to destroy one of their enemies it seems. is that your assessment senator brown? >> yeah, governor kasich won the election in with the fall. huge republican year, won by two like he has a mandate to go over the unions. collective bargaining is a 7 75-year-plus tradition in this country. it's why we have this middle class. it's why people who work with thei
see that might be able to be done that isn't being done to save lives in libya? >> president obama has to condemn the gadhafi regime. it's been -- we're way passed the freedom of expression and the freedom to protest in libya. right now, he should bring people with live rounds. he's killing people with mortar shells. there's videos coming out which gives you all of the videos from everybody b. we're learning that everybody's gunned down, doctors are being killed. it's a genocide right now. i don't think the media can grasp what's going on. we're there every second on twitter, facebook, on the phones. president obama needs to stand against the gadhafi regime. the deals made with the previous administration don't count. they don't exist anymore. there's going to be a new administration in libya and it's in our best interest as americans to fight for freedom everywhere. and to at least verbally stand up. we're not asking for the military. we're not. we're just asking for president obama to condemn the gadhafi regime and for the u.n. to supply medical supplies. people are dying from their
to the regime and that the white house a short time ago, president obama ended days of personal silence on the libya cry says. the president said hillary clinton would attend an emergency meeting of the united nations human rights council, that the administration is mulling sanctions and other options and he condemned gadhafi's promise that anti-government protesters would be executed. >> the suffering and blood shed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters. and further punish the people of libya. these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> more on the president's statement and u.s. options in a moment. and we are tonight closely tracking a ferryboat now up here in tripoli scheduled to take americans to safety in malta, but it is at the peer in will i be qua overnight because of bad weather. let's first though get an up cho look at what many see as the beginning of the end of the gadhafi regime.cho look at what many see as the beginning of the end of the gadhafi regime. be
obama condemning moammar gadhafi's attacks on protesters and his vow to execute his enemies. the unrest, the violence and the threats exploding in libya this week. gadhafi acting and sounding as defiant and as dangerous as ever. the libyan leader appeared yesterday before seemingly supportive crowds in tripoli where his opponents have been largely scared off the streets. but outside the capitol opposition forces have been gaining ground moving closer and closer to gadhafi's power center. cnn's senior international correspondent ben wedeman is one of the few reporters inside libya. he's been in the midst of the protests in libya's second largest city benghazi. [ chant [ speaking in foreign language ] ♪ si [ chanting in foreign language ] >> reporter: this demonstration in benghazi gives you an idea of the passion of the people of this city, the passion of so many libyans who have been thirsting for 42 years for this sort of opportunity, the chance to express themselves freely. [ chanting in foreign language ] >> reporter: we arrived in this city. and from the beginning, everywhere we w
and the obama administration seizing the moment. now issuing an urgent new call for democracy in iran. could the government of ahmadinejad be the next to fall in the middle east? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> a defiant moammar gadhafi is refusing to acknowledge any signs of political turmoil in his country. in interviews with the bbc and abc news reported today that gadhafi fiercely denied using force against his own people. >> they love me. all my people are with me. they love me owl. they will die to protect me and my people. no, no, no. >> if you say they do love you, then why are they capturing benghazi and they say they are against you there? >> my people, they come from outside. >> he was referring to al qaeda. meanwhile, the u.s. treasury department has announced it's freezing at least $30 billion in libyan government assets here in the united states. it's reportedly the largest amount ever blocked under any sanctions program. we're covering this story from every angle on the ground as only the global resources of cnn can. let's go to our senior international c
arrived in malta. and within minutes of the arrival, the obama administration announced sanctions. muammar gaddafi has been killing of anti-government protesters. here is latest. >> we want to pressure the regime in libya to stop killing its own people. >> sanctioned details are still being worked out. the white house announcement was rushed. gaddafi urged his loyalists to keep fighting. we will kill them, he screamed at a rally in the capital, tripoli. they fired at protesters. 2000 libyans are dead by one account. down the coast, the libyan rebels are battling to march to aaa. hundreds of americans got out of the -- tripoli. hundreds of americans got out on a ferry. they are -- obama is putting pressure calling on nicolas sarkozy saying the dictator had to leave. u.k. prime minister sent gaddafi a warning about war crimes. >> the world is watching you and the world will hold you to this. >> gaddafi could be put on trial for killing peaceful protesters. those are some of the options under a concession -- discussion at the un and being weighed by president obama. wbal-tv 11 news. >> there
, where rebels do seem to have control of that part of libya. president obama meets with ban ki-moon. everything that they say from here on out they want international cover particularly from the united nations. >> we'll keep an eye on it, if we can get the shot up from tripoli we'll get it to you for sure. >>> back in washington, lawmakers are walking into a political cooker. both parties are weighing a republican plan to keep things up and running for a few more weeks. kelly o don cell -- who blinked? harry reid or john baner? >> it's almost a combination of both because what boehner did is he emphasized some of the cuts the president has said he wanted to make, very tough for democrats to go against that. so many people are looking at this and saying that republicans kind of have the edge here on this because they're going to get what they wanted, cutting $4 billion for two weeks. that's a pro-rated amount of what they're looking for and it gives democrats a chance to say that republicans came to their side with some of the cuts. there are democrats who believe these cuts are
to balance the budget. they're trying to destroy collective bargainingful gwen: and president obama reverses himself on gay marriage but not completely. covering this eventful week martha raddatz of abc news. major garrett of the national journal. and karen tumulty of "the washington post" and pete williams of nbc news. >> covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capitol, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill. produced in association with national journal. in association by -- >> we know why we're here to connect our forces when they need it. >> to help troops see the danger before it sees them. >> to answer the call of the brave and bring them safely home. >> around the globe the people of boeing are working together to protect and serve. >> that's why we're here. >> a lion is a powerful thing. it connects the global economy to your living room, cleaner air to stronger markets, factory floors to less crowded roads. today's progress to tomorrow's promise. norfolk southern. >> corporate funding is also provided by prudential financial. additional funding for "washington week
the white house on libya. president obama for the first time calling for moammar gadhafi's outest, and word of another defection, the loyal nurse so often at his side has left, and look at the darkened images in eastern libya where opposition forces have taken one of the presidential palaces discovering among other things books on sourcery. we begin with christiane amanpour on the ground, leading our coverage from tripoli tonight. >> here we are in tripoli, the libyan capital at the heart of the stronghold of moammar gadhafi. what said say may be his last major hold-out. we arrive among one of the few commercial airlines from europe. what we saw at the airport was a sea of humanity outside. looks like workers who have come here from all over this part of the world from the middle east, from other parts of africa, and who have pitched up at the airport for the last several days with no tickets and very little money. they're there with blankets. they have what little food they can muster. they're sleeping. we saw people sleeping, some pitching makeshift tents. huge piles of garbage. there are
president obama's endorsement of a plan allowing states to opt out of health care reform. >> woodruff: and we report on how political satire in the vein of the "daily show" became a hit on iranian television. >> a lot of people have come here from the opposition groups and they watch the show. now if they choose to change their mind and see things a little bit differently, that's up to them. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> blooet in. breathe out. as volatile as the markets have been lately, having the security of a strong financial partner certainly lets you breathe easier. for more than 140 years, pacific life has helped millions of americans build a secure financial future. wouldn't it be nice to take a deep breath and relax? your financial professional can tell you about pacific life, the power to help you succeed. >> you can't manufacture pride. but pride builds great cars. and you'll find it in the people at toyota all across america. >> chevron. we may have more in common than you think. >> and by b
crackdown on anti-government protesters. president obama plans to speak out about the situation in libya in just a matter of minutes. we'll have live coverage here. critics have been questioning the president's silence. stand by for that. >>> oil prices spike to the highest level in over two years amid reports that libya's production has stalled. this hour, how the unrest there could threaten the economy here in the united states. >>> and a new legal move by the obama administration reignites the divisive debate over same-sex marriage. amid revolts overseas and budget battles here at home, a lot of people are asking why now? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." these are some of the latest pictures of libyans demanding freedom and defying moammar gadhafi's brutal crackdown. opposition forces have made gains outside the capital of tripoli a day after gadhafi vowed to fight to the death to hold on to power, but witnesses tell us the streets of tripoli are virtually empty right now, except for blood, bodies and burned cars. the white house says president obama will speak out in
group could president obama do more to topple moammar qaddafi? and our power players of the week taking on the leaders in iran by making fun of them. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. as states struggle with huge budget gaps and take on public workers, our first has become the new it boy of republican politics. republican governor mitch daniels of indiana is being celebrated for turning deficits into surpluses. he should be the republican nominee for president next year some say. governor daniels joins us. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. >> chris: we need to say what's goods obligor therein you had rotator cuff surgery and not going to be ready for spring training. >> all the jokes have been made. >> chris: you are in the middle of a standoff right now with house democrats who have crossed state democrats in illinois and blocking any action in the legislature. they first said that they were fighting against a right-to-work law which is now dead. now they say they are fighting against 11 other bills on the agenda. que
obama announcing economic sanctions against the regime saying the united states will freeze billions of dollars in government assets. the economic vice may get tighter. the united nations is holding a weekend session and they are debating a resolution that would impose their own sanctions. julie banderas is covering that angle. >> julie: they are honing to get a vote while there is a broad support for a draft resolution to impose international sanctions against muammar khadafy's government. some countries remain split over whether to refer the issue to the rarely used international criminal court. at a closed-door meeting, china right now is the only country still objecting to an immediate icc referral which would include an investigation of crimes against humanity committed by khadafy against his people since february 15th. the crackdown has resulted in the killings of at least a thousand civilians. meantime, the u.n. resolution was drafted by u.k. and france that would include an arms embargo freezing assets and a travel ban against khadafy, his family and top lieutenant commanders
's in tripoli, or somewhere in libya, we're not sure. >>> and what's behind the obama administration's decision to not enforce the defense marriage act. >>> finally, it was rumsfeld versus jon stewart on "the daily show" last night. >> i think i know why you're here and let me just deflate the tension right off of the bat. apology accepted. [ laughter ] >> well, good for jon stewart. it's in "the sideshow" tonight but nothing fun beit. senator sherrod brown is an ohio democrat, and maryland governor marty o'malley is the chairman of the governor's association. gentlemen, it's great to have you on. this is one of the most interesting political fights that we've come along in a long time. you have republican governors in states where they dominate their legislator, pennsylvania, ohio, indiana, michigan and wisconsin, they own those states politically. they're using this unique ability of power, really, to destroy one of their enemies, it seems. is that your assessment, senator brown? >> yeah, i mean governor kasich won the election in the fall in a huge republican won by two points. and acts like
. guantanamo bay still open, despite the obama pledges. have conditions improved? fashionable fad or a emerging classic? we talked to a new breed of ethical designers as london fashion week starts strutting its stuff on the catwalk. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, and 3:00 p.m. in bahrain, where burials have been taking place for three protesters killed by security forces on thursday. tens of thousands have emerged on the streets of the capital, manama, once again. calls for revolution and the overthrow of the ruling family. this is the latest in protests that were sparked by events in tunisia and of course the revolution in egypt. the unrest has spread across the region from north africa to the middle east and on into the gulf. in libya, human rights activists believe 24 people have died as authorities crackdown on anti- government demonstrators. >> funerals for victims' of the protests in bahrain. a non democratic post western ally and ruled by a monarchy, whose foundations may now be under threat. the victims died in police clashes when the protests was violently clear. secu
hundreds of americans bound for malta byzv ferry. and late today, president obama said the u.s. has a full range of options to hold qaddafi accountable. libya is divided with qaddafi loyalists and mercenary troops holding tripoli in the west. his opponents control bengaziand the oil-rich east and vowing to liberate the capital. mandy clark made it into libya today and filed this report. >> reporter: this was the scene in the coastal city of it, ubrok when we arrived at the main square tonight. residents shouted, "welcome to free libya, "and chanted, "down with qaddafi." inside the protesters' tents, young and old men fought for our attention. why are you here? why in the tents? >> we are here for the free. we need the freedom. >> reporter: like protesters across the arab world, they've captured the regime's brutality on cell phones. what am i looking at here? >> qaddafi's troops. they refused to kill people. they refused to kill our libyan brothers and sisters. >> reporter: in a qaddafi stronghold in tripoli, it was a very different scene. his supporters took to the streets in a noisy disp
. president obama said the sanctions would target the assets of colonel qaddafi, members of his family and the libyan government while at the same time protect the interest of the libyan people. britain and france have drafted the u.n. security council resolution, which calls for an arms embargo as well as multilateral sanctions. earlier i spoke to our correspondent in new york. the timing was important because the president waited until the evacuation of all u.n. nationals from libya before imposing sanctions. >> that was a concern for the united states and some other european countries who have quite a lot of nationals in libya to be seen to be taking strong action while their citizens were still at risk in the country. now president obama has formalized what his officials announced earlier today, which is the position of financial sanctions, particularly they are freezing the assets and the property of libyan individuals and government in the united states. so the individuals include the family members of colonel mumetar qaddafi, senior liberal officials designated by the u.s. treas
teachers. it's ruining our education system. >> schieffer: what do you think of president obama's plans to reform education? at the federal level? his let's reward good teachers, his, you know, the things that secretary duncan has outlined. are you generally think he's on the right track? >> i do. i've said that publicly. i think the president has shown real courage especially for a democrat who has been dependent upon the teachers union nationally. for political support to come out for merit pay and race to the top and some of the things he's done to push reform. i think the president has been on the right track. i'm concerned about comments i heard yesterday from secretary duncan that seemed to be blowing the horn of retreat on that a little bit. i hope that's not an election year ploy to cozy back up to the unions as the president prepares for re-election. in general i think the president has been very strong on this. that's why you see republicans agreeing with him on it. >> schieffer: you have a reputation as a straight talker i think. do you believe that the budgetary problems acr
obama today emerged to call the bloodshed in libya outrageous and unacceptable. >>> and now, martha raddatz tells us more about gadhafi and his riches and his children, who seem to have their father's mercurial and extravagant ways. >> reporter: gadhafi continues the struggle to hold onto power, but it seems his own family has been out of control for decades. the hard partying, hard drinking and lavish spending of this famously fractious family has, according to u.s. dip low malts on wikileaks, provided enough dirt for a libyan soap opera. take eldest son saif, who vowed days ago his family would fight to the last bullet. he reportedly bought this $16 million mansion in london and two years ago, at a party on st. bart's another brother paid mariah carey $1 million to sing a few songs. and then he did it again. brother mutassim, libya's national security adviser, seen here with secretary of state clinton, returned to st. bart's last year and paid more than a million dollars to beyonce. all eight of gadhafi's children are believed to have benefited from billions of dollars of libya's
reaction genocide and injected the libyan representative from their meeting in cairo. but the obama administration appeared reluctant to criticize colonel muammar gaddafi by name. president obama has not spoken publicly about libya. nor did the state department spokesman address it until 15 minutes into the daily briefing. >> finally, secretary of state hillary clinton spoke. >> government of libya bears responsibility for what is occurring and must take action to end the violence. >> u.s. officials are concerned about the 35 state department employees and their families who they are trying to evacuate right now. they don't want an iranian hostage crisis. gaddafi is the godfather of modern terrorism. he blew up a discotheque in 1986. libyan agents blew up pan am flight 103. in 2003, gaddafi turned over his weapons of mass destruction fearing he was next on the american hit list after saddam hussein. the u.s. state department then took libya off the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the only man held for pan am 103 bombing was returned to libya by scottish authorities because he w
late today. >>> president obama will lead a forum with small business owners at cleveland state university this hour. we will listen to see what the president might say about libya or the deaths of the four americans killed by pirates. >>> the earthquake damage in new zealand, it is horrific. all you have to do is just take a look. this building collapses onto a street. at least 65 people are confirmed dead in christchurch but that number is expected to rise. much of the city is in ruins. the magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck during lunchtime. dazed, bleeding residents were walking in the streets strewn with debris and concrete. several people are trapped. we heard from one woman who was waiting to be rescued. >> i hope someone knows i'm here. sigh suppose they do. >> you said earlier it sounded like rescuers were coming. >> yes. there are other people on other floors, and they are trying to get up and get everyone out. i just have to wait. >> yes, yes. what goes through your mind? >> oh, well, a couple hours ago, i thought i'd had it. i said good-bye, and i managed to wiggle a bi
. donald rumsfeld gets into a skirmish with a tv anchor over whether president obama has improved america's reputation in the world. have you seen this? >> the president's supporters say that in two years he's been able to return this country to a status of being liked across the world in a way that america was not liked during the bush administration. >> i think he has made a practice of trying to apologize for america. megyn: and it did not end there. the tape and the debate on what donald rumsfeld said with our political panel coming up. and this is what is left of a fun house after a powerful windstorm lifted it off the ground and threw it into a nearby house. wait until you hair what happened to the children who were playing inside and what they were doing in there in the first place. moms and dads, listen up. it's the sound that no passenger wants to hear while flying -- a giant explosion. the incredible story of what happened on this delta jet. >> everything was going fine. i noticed that there was a little bit more vibration than normal and then there was a boom and we knew that s
, could the president obama do more to topple muammar qaddafi? and our power players of the week. taking on the leaders in iran, by taking fun of them, all, right now, on fox news. and hello, again from fox news in washington. as states struggle with huge budget gaps and take on public workers, our first guest has become the new "it" boy of american politics, republican governor mitch daniels of indiana is being celebrated for turning deficits in surpluses and adding jobs and some say he should be the republican nominee for president, next year. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you. >> chris: we need to say what is going on, you had rotator cuff surgery and will not be ready tor spring training. >> all the right wing jokes have been made, so... >> chris: all right, you are -- skutz me, in the middle of a stand off now with house democrats who have crossed state lines that are inside illinois, and, are blocking any action in the legislature and first said they were fighting against the right to work law which is dead and now are fighting against 11 other bills on the agenda. ques
might face deeper spending cuts. in washington, president obama defended public workers at a meeting of the nation's governors. >> i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated, vilified, or their rights are infringed upon. we need to attract the best and the brightest to public service. these times demand it. >> sreenivasan: governor walker has said he will start laying off state workers in wisconsin within days if his bill is not passed. in economic news, consumer incomes rose in january by the most in nearly two years, thanks to a cut in social security taxes. but the commerce department said consumer spending managed only a small gain. wall street rallied today amid signs that oil prices have stabilized. the dow jones industrial average gained nearly 96 points to close at 12,226. the nasdaq rose one point to close at 2782. former opposition parties in ireland have begun talks on forming a new coalition government. they swept to huge wins in friday's national election, fueled by voter anger over ireland's financial collapse. the leader of the main cen
. gloria, the conventional wisdom has it that the government shutdown would help president obama politically, like the one back in '95 helped bill clinton politically. does that conventional wisdom hold in this case given the mood of the country. >> well, you know, at this point, i think what voters voted for is the congress and the president to work together and get something done, wolf, and if you go to the brink on this and you have a government shutdown, sure, perhaps president obama and democrats could benefit a bit from it, but overall, independent voters do not like this brinksmanship. they want it to end. that's what they vote for. you know, when they voted democrats out of office, it wasn't a mandate for the republicans per se. it was a mandate to get something done, so i actually think it's in neither side's interest right now to shut this government down, and it sounds like, if you listen, the leaders of both parties and the president don't want to do it. i think the wild card here, wolf, are the 87 new republican house freshman who may say -- who may not have been thr
, michigan, an arab- american. your perspective? >> i have watched the news very diligently. barack obama has a very high approval rating internationally. and there is a large cast in the cia. by friends and i feel that this is an effort by the obama administration and the cia. that they are behind these uprisings. i am very happy and have confidence in the days event and what he is doing. i know that this whole episode is an effort to free middle eastern dictatorship. we are very happy here. dinky. -- thank you. host: where are you from, originally? caller: arabia. host: rachel is a democrat from beaufort, south carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i am all right. caller: we went into iraq and killed 4000 and lost 4000 of our people. with my children were there. we killed over 100,000 people in that country. now, here we go again. you have got people sleeping outdoors. you have not even clean up new orleans. but let's go and do some more killing. the united states lies in their hands are dripping in blood. i pray that we change and leave people alone. post of febr
, policy priorities, have been completely upset by this development. the obama administration came into office two years ago planning to work on israeli- palestinian peace, planning to engage with iran to try to prevent the emergence of iran as a nuclear power and frankly, it had no interest in what it saw as the failed freedom agenda of george bush. what we now see is that these demands for change in the region for democratic governments in the region have forced a's selves onto obama a agenda. he has chosen wisely to get on the right side of this and to be in favor of the spread of democracy and human rights in the region. i think the administration is playing catch up. they are trying very much to show they were on top of these issues all along and were in favor of these things all along, but to be honest, there was not much attention and much priority given to these issues to what was happening inside arab countries and change that might be coming from inside arab countries. there was not much attention given to that at all. over the last couple of years. the two other issues t
. >>> with most americans safely out of libya, new comments from president obama about libya abouts leader uammar. gun fire on a u.s. navy base reports navy guards have shot sailors. i'm harris hawker in. faulkner. we are live with fox reports tonight. >> what the libyan leader is doing now to his own people to clinch the power. his gun spreading the word. tonight, fox reports from inside libya with the latest developments. and at the border of a neighboring country dealing with an in flux of terrified people fleeing the violence. plus,. >> because of labor unions we had it. >> people filling the streets in cities across the u.s., showing solidarity with public workers, claiming unions are under attack by state budget cuts. tonight, we are live at the symbolic epicenter of the struggle. the state capitol in madison, wisconsin, where 12,000 public sector jobs hang in the balance. and shocking new video. showing a robbery in action. what the thugs took that brought this woman to risk her life to get it back. at this hour, president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton taking their hardest l
issue of barack obama? president obama praised you back in 2007. the fact is barack obama is quietly supporting rahm emanuel, his former chief of staff. >> barack obama did not do a formal endorsement of rahm emanuel. barack obama supported me in 2007 in my race for city clerk. i served with barack obama for eight years in the illinois senate. i'm pleased with the fact that he decided not to do a formal endorsement in this race. he realizes this election should be decided by the voters in the neighborhoods of the city of chicago, not by endorsements nor by the millions of dollars that have come from will the the gentlewoman yield and wall street and washington, d.c. in support of rahm emanuel and other candidates in this race. >> one of the quotes you gave to the "chicago sun times" was when rahm emanuel was hiding under his desk because of his friendship with the clintons, i was doing the heavy lifting. i was the first latino to endorse barack obama for senate. i know i have earned the president's praise. he has spoken highly of my work in chicago's neighborhoods. do you feel the pr
. >> what else did he do? >> he went bowling yesterday. which begs the question, obama v. meacham. who gets above 39. did you get above 39? >> i couldn't figure out the scoring. >> oh, my god. >> you don't have to. >> you're in college too long. >> i don't get the scoring either. i'm with you. >> it was ugly. it was a father/son tournament. let's just say inability to bowl is in fact genetic. >> so your son wasn't seeking -- >> the last time i bowled was in tennessee which congressman ford knows well from his campaigning day. >> harold ford jr. is with us. >> hard. >> i take it when you were wearing the cam mow hats in the '06 campaign you were bowling a lot? >> oh, yeah. we did. john and i were commenting, the state of mind when you go bowling in tolahoma. >> we have mark halperin joining us from washington. he has elegant bookcases behind him. >> he does. that's his hotel room. he insists on an elegant library. >> did you see any oscars last night? >> watched the whole thing. >> how stoned was james franco? >> completely. the moment to me that crystallized, pardon the pun, is when billy c
for my payment. >> well, david, that happens quite often and president obama called me about 4:30 this morning. it wasn't president obama. it was obama. it was donny down in the lobby trying to get in. got another one. >> william writes never too early to play the mike barnicle drinking game. one shot of tequila for every time he has peetz-er or obama-er. two shots every time he says mika. >> when mika plays the game she has to go to two bottles of aleve as soon as she finishes playing that game. thank you very much. "morning joe" starts right now. >> sooner or later, the media stops finding it interesting. >> not the liberal bastards on msnbc. >> but yeah, who watches that. i went on "morning joe" this morning but i like it just because i like being combative with those guys. you know, they're awful. >> joe's a good guy. he's one of us. >> he's all right. he was fair to me. i had fun. they had schumer over from new york on ripping me and then they had a little clip of a state senator hiding out ripping me. it was almost too easy. >> beautiful, beautiful. you have to love that
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